Will I Love

December 20, 2015
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Will I love?
When I am yet broken
Will I love
When the pains of this life
Leave me far from open
You’re asking me, to love

I know amidst this season
Where people give so freely
Love should be so easy
Yet I stand here asking why

When my circumstances won’t comply
When the fear won’t subside
As I war from the inside
You’re still asking me to love

So I won’t fight your will
I’ll just humbly kneel
Bow these broken knees
And remember
I still love
Because you first, loved me…

Gretchen Parlato and Alan Hampton sing the duet “Still” from Gretchen Parlato’s gorgeous new album “The Lost and Found.” The film piece was shot and edited by Jeremy Kotin (www.jeremykotin.com)

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