If I had it all

June 23, 2015
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If I had it all figured out
There’d be no point in dreaming
If I could rid the world of every problem
Our time would be void of meaning

If I made all the right choices
I’d be robbed of learning from my mistakes
And if everything was certain
What’d be the point of faith?

Questions circling, my mind racing, my emotions ragging,
Try to grasp what I’m saying…

If I were only more pessimistic
I wouldn’t be up late, thinking I’ve missed it
Or lose a wink of sleep, second guessing my choices
If I were simply, a little more cautious

Then again, I’d also never take a risk,
Never feel the butterflies
Weed out all surprise
I might never realize the full extent of my promise…

Or is it better to have no promise?
Never have to live up to the promises you’ve made
Promises that have you more enslaved and afraid
Than focused and alive
And is that really living?
Or simply trying to survive?

So, I’m guarded, you say
Well, maybe I like it that way
Maybe it feels just a little more safe
To slowly drift away
So, that the talk behind your back
Does not distract
Does not dismay
Are you grasping this hearsay?
I hope not
Because If I had it all
There’d be nothing left to say

So, let me sum it up this way
When promise
Meets passion,
Meets patience,
Meets persistence,
Meets perseverance,
Meets “I’m no push over”,
Meets “get out of my head”.

Then each morning
Meets Christ
Meets grace and peace
To fight another day…


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